1 thought on “How Joe Got Started”

  1. I am so pleased and impressed with the service I have experienced with Britcan over the years. The technicians do a fantastic job at a reasonable price, much better than other companies. They are punctual, friendly and leave no mess behind.
    In the past when I ran into issues with my furnace the technicians have always taken my calls to help troubleshoot over the phone.
    This weekend after my furnace would not start was no exception. When I could not resolve the issue over the phone Devon came out first thing Monday morning.
    The problem was very simple, EPCOR had turned off my gas after my hot water tank burst this summer. The company who installed my hot water tank and checked my furnace reported to my insurance company that the furnace was operating fine without even attempting to turn it on.
    Devon came out on his day off. After recognizing the gas was simply turned off he turned it back on wished me a great day and left without charging a service call fee.
    I cannot imagine another company who would do this. I spoke with three other companies this weekend to enquire on cost to bring someone out. Everyone else was a minimum of $200.

    I cannot stress enough what a fantastic company Britcan is and would HIGHLY recommend them for furnace cleaning.

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