Meet the Heart and Soul Behind Britcan: Our Dedicated Team

At Britcan, our commitment to excellence and genuine care for your home’s well-being extends far beyond just our services. Allow us to introduce you to the exceptional individuals who form the backbone of our family-owned company, each contributing their unique talents and spirit to create a true sense of community.

Joe and Kay: Founders with a Vision

From across the pond, Joe and Kay brought their dreams and aspirations to Canadian soil 25 years ago, seeking a better life for their growing family. Their dedication to their craft and their desire to provide their loved ones with more space and opportunities led them to the quaint city of Leduc. Enamored by the warm embrace of the community, Joe and Kay found not only a place to call home but a place to share their expertise and care. Joe, fondly known as “The Big Man,” injects his fun-loving spirit into everything he does. Kay, our moral compass, reminds us daily that it’s not just about business – it’s about building a community founded on trust and care.

Shannon - The Call Caring Maestro

Meet Shannon, our multitasking marvel. She splits her time between providing care to those with special needs and being the welcoming voice of Britcan for anyone who calls. Her commitment to helping others shines through as she gracefully handles inquiries with a can-do attitude. When you hear Shannon’s friendly voice on the other end of the line, you know you’re in good hands.

Dev: The Guardian of Quality

Known as “The Beast” within our Britcan family, Dev is the powerhouse that keeps our operations running seamlessly. His commitment to ensuring the highest level of service and his dedication to the well-being of our customers are unmatched. Dev is the embodiment of our commitment to quality and reliability.

Michael: Forging a Legacy

As the son of Joe and Kay, Michael, lovingly called “The Gentle Giant,” is carving his path within the Britcan family. With a focus on streamlining operations and ensuring that Joe and Kay find more time for themselves, Michael’s dedication and hard work are a testament to his parents’ values and his commitment to carrying their legacy forward.

Rob: Carpet Care Extraordinaire

Every family needs a guru, and that’s Rob – our “Carpet Care Extraordinaire.” With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Rob ensures that even the toughest carpet concerns are met with effective solutions. Whether you have a bustling family home or a home full of furry friends, Rob’s expertise guarantees your carpets will remain pristine for years to come.

Dakota - The Dynamo

Dakota, back for his second season, is our go-to guy when the going gets tough. He’s the one we call when we need extra muscle and expertise. Dakota’s dedication to supporting the Britcan family is unmatched, and his skills in the field are nothing short of amazing. With Dakota by our side, we’re always prepared for any challenge.

Clint - The Charmer

Joining us as the newest addition to our team, Clint is proving to be a quick learner and a charmer with our fantastic customers. We’re thrilled to have him on board because we believe in providing nothing but the best service for our clients, and Clint embodies that commitment. His enthusiasm and dedication make him a valuable asset to the Britcan family from day one.

Luis: The Columbian Lucky Charm

Our Colombian Charm, brings not only his warm family-oriented spirit but also an aura of good fortune to Britcan. Always wearing a smile and embracing our playful social media escapades, Luis radiates positivity and embodies the luck we all cherish. His kind heart and uplifting demeanor make him the talisman of our team, ensuring that good luck and great times are always on our side.

Corey: AKA Jason

Known for his unwavering dedication and longevity at Britcan. With a tenure that spans the ages, Corey has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the furnace cleaning world. He’s the the encyclopedia of expertise, and the one we turn to for furnace cleaning answers. Whether it’s tackling tough cleaning challenges or guiding our newer members, Corey’s experience is the backbone of Britcan’s success. If you ever need a walking encyclopedia of cleaning wisdom, ‘Jason’ is the name to remember.

Together, We Are Britcan

Each member of our team is more than a title – they’re a vital piece of the Britcan puzzle. Collectively, we’re driven by a shared mission: to transform houses into homes, and clients into cherished members of our ever-growing family. With trust, care, and quality at the forefront of all we do, we’re not just a cleaning company – we’re your partners in creating a healthier, happier, and more comfortable home.

Choose Britcan and welcome us into your home – you’ll be welcoming a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to serving you with integrity, expertise, and a true sense of community.