Need to book a furnace cleaning?

Britcan Furnace Cleaning & More is the premier furnace cleaning, carpet cleaning, AC service, and permanent furnace filter provider for Beaumont, Leduc, Edmonton, and surrounding areas.

We do furnace cleaning
Carpet cleaning
and more!

Furnace Cleaning-one furnace

Dirty furnace? We clean that! Along with all associated duct work, and your AC unit.


We make the air you breath clean and fresh again.

The best part, is you only need us about every 3 years.

We will even remind you when its time to get it done again!


Furnace Cleaning-two or more furnaces

If you have two or more furnaces, we clean that! Along with all associated duct work, and your AC unit.


Whether you have one, two, or more furnaces, we have a real easy price structure: we count how many furnaces you have, how many ducts you have, and give you a price.

Humidifiers, Filters, & More

Of course we clean your furnace. We also do more!

From the filters that clean your air, the humidifiers that make your home more comfortable, or anything else attached, we bring it to you.


It never matters how long we are in your home or business, and everything is right up front.

Since 1993

How we became Britcan

Joe likes to fix things. His whole life. Furnaces are just the next extension.

He is pretty good at it. So is everyone else that works for Britcan.

We like to make it right. Everytime.