Our Approach

We got started, working on big things back in Britain. We got pretty good at it too! When we came to Canada, we defiinitely knew that we still wanted to work with our hands, fix and build things, and makes other peoples live better.

What better than to fix the one thing that everyone needs in Canada (admit it, without your furnace, 8 months of the year would be pretty cold)

Our Story

Once we found the furnace cleaning business, we were hooked. We spend every day talking with people, and making a major impact on their quality of life. Furnace cleaning might not seem that 'glamorous' at first, until you realize that from the air you breath, the quality of your sleep, or how warm you are on a cold night, it all comes back to your furnace.

Meet the Team

We like our job!

Everyone who works for us is just like family. Heck, we even have our family working for us too!


The Big Man


The Beast


Our Conscience


The Young Lion


The Hustle

Next Steps...

Your Furnace needs to be cleaned every 2-3 years. If its been a while, then you need to call us now! Thats what we do.